How To Choose And Care For A Good Dust Mop

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How To Choose And Care For A Good Dust Mop

Dust mops are some of the best inventions when it comes to caring for your precious hardwood floors. Entrance mats are also high up in the same top, with vacuum cleaners and professional cleaning products designed with hardwood floors in mind on top. Needless to say, in order for any dust mop or vacuum cleaner to sere its purpose and generate good results, they should be used as often and regular as possible. When this happens, you could save precious time, energy and money while further protecting your floors and avoiding any expensive investments in them.

If you are ready to remove the fine abrasive soil and dust that is usually found on all floors, especially in areas with heavy foot traffic, and maintain that gorgeous shine in your floors, invest in a good mop. Not sure how to choose, use and maintain a mop to begin with? Don’t worry, no one was born knowing it all. These next few lines should clear up a few things about how to shop for a reliable and efficient mop.

What To Pay Attention To When Shopping For A New Mop

When done on a regular basis and with the necessary thoroughness, mopping can save you precious resources. A high-quality mop should be chosen by carefully assessing the size of the mop, as well as the type of mop you want to buy. The size of your home/the floor surface and the type of foot traffic you are dealing with on a regular basis should determine the type of mop you need.

  • launderable mops. These mops are designed for heavy use where cleaning must be done often. For example, office areas and households with lots of members, small children and pets would be ideal for these mops. They are made from 4-ply cotton or synthetic yarn and they feature a “keyhole” that is backing with a single tie. If you need a good mop you can use for many weeks or months to come, a launder able mop is the right call for you. Of course, you will need to make sure you wash it properly and periodically.
  • disposable mops. If you have recently renovated your home and you still need to mop all the floors, chances are you are going to need a mop that you can dispose of. Laundering is less than ideal for such a mop given the dirt and grime it will be subjected to. Also, these mops usually come with pre-treatment on them at times, which means they should be even more efficient that a mop that can be washed and reused.
  • Looped end mops. These mops feature an end construction that can eradicate fraying. Without any loose ends, a mop is sturdier and can last longer while washing will be less damaging. Plus, a mop with no looped ends will also be less vulnerable when it comes to the annoying tangling problem. It should also deteriorate at a slower rate. Mops like Golden Star’s Infinity Twist provide users with enhanced looped end The mop tightly twists the looped ends completely and reaches the backing. Definitely a mop worth considering.
  • For top productivity, a mop should have the right size. The size must match the size of the area that will require frequent cleaning, for example, a difficult to reach area that is extremely narrow will require a wedge mop.WAXIE mops sizes 18″ to 72″ for daily use are excellent for school and kindergarten classrooms, as well as office spaces, it can also be used with similarly good results in hallways and on stairways inside your house. A large space such as a gym or the aisle of a store could benefit from a 60″ or 96″ WAXIE dust mop.
  • The the cut end of a mop is another decisive factor that should be pondered when making a new purchase. The traditional style mop is excellent situations, with the exception of times when you need a mop that can provide you with more performance. If a mop is sewn and not tufted, you should also expect it to work better for your needs. A cut end mop is more affordable, but it is not meant to be washed or laundered and it is also not expected to be extremely sturdy. Such a mop will usually unravel and fray while using it, which means you will need to buy a new mop a lot quicker and also enjoy smaller levels of performance.
  • The backing of the mop will also make a huge difference in its performance. A mop made of synthetic backing that can withstand mildew will be sturdier and handle abrasion a lot easier compared to a mop made of canvas. Such a mop will absorb less water and cleaning liquid and it is more prone to discolorations and staining. A mop with non-absorbing backing will dry faster, but it cannot be used along with floor treatments. This means it should be kept in the mop yarn where the cleaning will take place.

Mop Yarn Types

MicroFiber Mops can easily collect dust and small particles of dirt that regular mops will end to leave behind. Its filament fibers along with the looped ends are excellent features of these mops. Plus, these mops can be washed 200+ times and they do not require any special mop treatments.

Cotton mops are, by far, the most popular and efficient types of mops as they can collect and retain large amounts of dust and particle matter. Nylon has not scored as well in dust control tests.

Synthetic mops can attract dust on their own and they do not need any mop treatment. They can be washed 100+ times.

Dust Mop Treatments For Longer Mop Lifespans

A treated dust mop is two times more efficient than a mop that hasn’t been treated. Non-petroleum treatments are excellent for serving their purpose while protecting the environment. They are better as their oil-based counterparts. All you need are two ounces of treatment for every foot of dust mop. Additional treatment can be applied for every foot. A curing time of at least 8 hours is required before you can go ahead and start using your mop again.

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