Selling Your Home – Should You Clean Up The Property When Moving Out?

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So you are getting ready to sell your home on a short sale to avoid the bank’s foreclosure. Or you are in a hurry to seal a private selling deal as you have finally received a decent offer. The last thing on your mind in a time like this is to clean and scrub the carpets before handing over the keys to the new owners. In fact, you are not even sure that you are expected to do any cleaning prior to your move. Is there a written law that asks you to clean up behind you? Let’s take a closer look at this matter and find out. And don’t worry – if you do discover that you are required to do some cleaning, our experts at NYC Steam Cleaning can make the place sparkling clean, free of dust and stains. And you won’t have to lift a single finger!

Should Bank-Owned Homes Be Cleaned Upon Selling?

When a bank forecloses on a house, the previous owner’s belongings need to be removed, and the bank will take the physical possession of the property. Banks will usually hire a cleaning service to completely clean out the inside of the home. This includes carpets, walls, closets, cabinets and drawers. All of the items belonging to the previous owner needs to go, including abandoned furniture and trash. This means the former owners do not have to worry about doing any of the cleaning.


There are, however, lots of homes owned by banks that are sent into the market filled with dirt and mold. On top of improper cleanliness, these properties are also “famous” for their broken electrical appliances and front door locks, or stolen water heaters. Banks refuse to partake in any of the cleaning or repair work. They will instead try to force the selling of the property as it is and let the buyers handle everything. The new owners will be happy to pay a smaller price, even if it means having to deal with all the hassle shortly after. Luckily, professional steam cleaning services like New York Steam Cleaning are there to give them a much-needed hand.

Our emergency restoration and cleaning services are readily available on a 24-hour basis, all days of the week, weekends included. We realize just how stressful it can be to have to move into a dirty house with damaged amenities from mold, fire, or water. The clean-up process can get overwhelming, and you are already stressed out trying to move all of your items and furniture in. Our skilled team of highly experienced cleaners can provide you with the entire range of carpet cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, tile, grout, and furniture cleaning, air duct or rug cleaning and anything in between.

Simple Home Sales – To Clean Or Not To Clean?

The legal responsibilities for cleaning a home after a sale vary from state to state. There are times when a real estate purchase contract will clearly stipulate that the home has to be “broom clean” by the seller. This translates to the seller being legally bound to at least sweep the floor, and leave the walls and ceiling bare. But there are also many cases of ambiguous contract terms and expressions. For example, the state of California works with standard real estate contracts that fail to address the condition the property should be left in. They solely mention the fact that the home should be left in “essentially the same condition as it was” at the time the buyers agreed to buy it.

The state of New York works with standardized real estate contracts that require the seller to deliver the property and all premises and improvements “in broom clean condition”. Moreover, all plumbing, heating and air conditioning, electrical and mechanical systems, and equipment and machinery in the building need to be in working order as of the date of Closing.

Therefore, if you live in New York and you have recently sold your home, chances are you will need to take some time and do some cleaning up. No time? For your convenience, you can hire a local cleaning service in New York and have them handle everything for you fast, effective, and, most important, at affordable rates. At NYC Steam Cleaning, we are proud to offer a rich selection of home cleaning services. We only rely on eco-friendly, organic cleaners that protect the health of your children, pets, and plants and better preserve your floors and furniture. We are New York’s number one organic cleaner. Feel free to call (888)-245-1199 today and set up an appointment with us or request a free quote.

Extra Ways To Simplify The Cleaning Process After The Big Sell

Despite of the fact that you may not be legally required to clean the house after selling it, you may want to leave a clean house behind. To most people, this is a thing of common decency. After all, you will also want to find your new home in an acceptable condition when setting foot in it. On the other hand, it is also perfectly understandable to feel too tired to take on any cleaning work after packing and moving boxes all day long.

Talking to you listing agent could simplify things. They might be willing to pay to have the home professionally cleaned. This usually occurs in upper-end markets. Agents can inspect a property upon closing and, if they conclude the carpet is not clean enough, they can hire carpet cleaners to shampoo it prior to the buyers moving in. The cleaning is done as a courtesy, as listing agents might not have any legal obligations to clean up the place.

If your agent does not express any intention of doing something similar, but you still wish to do a little more than remove all of your personal items, you can ask your friend or neighbors to help out – or hire a local cleaning service like NYC Steam Cleaning and ask for the basic cleaning package to save money.

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Loren Bluvstein

5 star experience. I recently got a puppy who turned my new couch into her personal bathroom. I did a google search and found NYC steam cleaning. Luckily, I was able to make an appointment for the next day with this company. The entire cleaning took about 1 hour. My couch is brand new again, thank you!!


Theresa Brooks

 I just had my carpets cleaned and they look amazing! I had lots of pet stains and was ready to replace the carpets but now they look new! I will definitely have them come back!

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