Getting Your Home Ready for Thanksgiving

Get your carpet cleaned for Thanks GivingNervous About Thanksgiving?

You know by now that Thanksgiving is more than just turkey dinner and family. As a host, you must provide an unforgettable experience. Creating an amazing party at the start of the holiday season is no easy task. So, get out your recipe book, put together a menu, shop for the decorations and food, and start the holiday storm. If you have no one to help you, these tasks can give you pretty bad anxiety. Who wants to start their holiday season with stress and anxiety? Don’t worry, NYC Steam Cleaning can help.

Start With the Kitchen

Trust us when we say that a disorganized kitchen can be the death of you during the holiday season. Thanksgiving is all about gatherings and great food. A Thanksgiving dinner is a serious venture and must never be underestimated. Be patient, start with a clean workspace. NYC Steam Cleaning has several cleaning experts to help you deep clean your kitchen. With our help, you won’t need to worry about anything except the dishes.

Rethink Your Dining Area

Most family homes have dinner tables that can accommodate their own families. However, only a few homes can actually aesthetically appease everyone coming over for Thanksgiving. One strategy is to convert your dining table into a buffet table that can be decorated to breathe life into the room. All the chairs can be arranged around the room to allow all of your guests to grab a plate of food from the buffet table and mingle while eating.

Change Your Seating Strategy

It generally depends on the number of guests that you are expecting. You will naturally have to rethink your seating arrangement, you’ll certainly need to add extra chairs to accommodate everyone. If you’re going to use your sofas and loveseats, make an appointment with us. Any food crumbs or stains can be easily removed by our experts, even on short notice.

Think About a Convenient Alternative

The best solution to overcome all of the anxiety is to hire a cleaning service like NYC Steam Cleaning. Thanksgiving is a time where you shouldn’t have to worry about the mess, just be with your friends and family. This is the time to get serious help in the cleaning department. Dedicate all of your energy on cooking a perfect dinner and loving your family. Don’t be stuck with your hands in buckets of soapy water, when you can call us to help.

The Overnighters

With family flying and driving out to your house for Thanksgiving, it is inevitable that someone will stay the night, don’t forget to prepare. If you have a guest room, you should definitely dust and vacuum so they can feel welcome in your home. If your guests will be crashing on the couch, make sure you have extra blankets and pillows. Our experts can help clean up the guest room if you feel you don’t have enough time. We are just a call away.

Get in Touch With Us!

Our experts at NYC Steam Cleaning will ensure that your home is sparkling clean but free of any dust, stains, and allergens. Now, you can stop worrying about cleaning your homes and getting yourself covered in chemical odors from the cleaning products. Make your home smell divine by whipping up amazing desserts and working on perfecting your turkey recipe. Leave the boring work to us as we rejoice in making this thanksgiving special for all our clients. Call us today at 1-888-512-2055 to get all the benefits of a cleaning spree without doing any of the work!

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