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Flokati area rugs have an interesting history and a unique charm that cannot be denied. Originating in Greece around the year 4000 A.D., these carpets originally served a very practical purpose: keeping shepherds from the Samarina region warm during the long and cold winter months. Later on and by accident, the Greeks discovered an even more  efficient way of manufacturing these rugs. The tradition continues even today in some mountainous parts of this gorgeous country, even though modern-day manufacturers can successfully imitate the woven fibers using synthetic materials and man-made machines in industrial venues.

Flokati Carpets Are Great Additions To Any Home

These soft, fluffy, off-white or beautifully colored and designed area rugs are excellent additions to all types of home decors. Thanks to their specific uniqueness, Flokati area rugs are constant presences in people’s homes. Even though they only started to grow in popularity in the United States of America during the 70s, as part of the cultural revolution, people quickly grew fond of them. The NYC Steam Cleaning team specializes in expert cleaning and maintenance services for these rugs, along with other unique styles of Oriental, Persian, Turkish, modern day, wool, silk or cotton carpets, to name just a few.

The amazing versatile character of these area rugs allows them to be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from carpets or blankets, clothing or bedding necessities. They are also resistant to flames and most stains, which makes them even more useful inside homes with a lot of foot traffic, small children or pets.

If you need help getting rid of any old and stubborn stains or traces of deeply embedded dirt in your Flokati rug’s fibers, feel free to give us a call and schedule an appointment at a time and date you find most convenient. We can help you get rid of unsightly spots, including pet waste stains, and restore the fluff in your beloved rugs in no time.

Types Of Flokati Area Rugs

  • Handmade Flokati area rugs are made by hand in the Greek Cold water river continues to be used in order to make the wool flourish and become fluffy and soft. The Greek Flokati rugs are a beautiful off-white color.
  • Modern-day Flokati area rugs are found in a rich variety of lively colors and spectacular patterns and designs. Synthetic wool Flokati carpets can easily imitate the natural look of real wool Flokati area rugs.

Expert Flokati Carpet Cleaning Services We Offer

To make sure your Flokati rugs will remain fluffy, soft, and visually attractive for a long time, we warmly advise you to avoid any attempts of having them cleaned at home, especially when old stains are involved. Pet accidents can do a number of any carpet, and despite the stain-resistant character of these rugs, it is very likely for homes with playful pets to confront with the matter of pet urine and pet waste stains on white, pink or beige Flokati rugs.

Regular home vacuum cleaners and carpet cleaning products used on modern day or Oriental carpets might cause more harm than good. To avoid any forms of damage to your beloved carpets, it is best to hire experienced, insured, IICRC-certified cleaning services like ours. The NYC Steam Cleaning team specializes in the entire range of cleaning services for the most sensitive and difficult to clean types of carpets, Flokati included. We only work with professional vacuum cleaners, pressurized air cleaning techniques and steam cleaning for best results. We can save you precious time, energy on money on trying to restore damage rugs or buy new ones.

Flokati Carpet Inspection

Our skilled technicians will carefully assess the state of your rugs and determine the best course of action for completely eliminating all dirt, debris, dust, stains and nasty germs embedded in the carpet fibers. Rugs that have been stored underneath furniture items for a long period of time and area rugs inside vacation homes or rugs that have not been vacuumed at least two or three times a week are more likely to be damaged over the years. Natural wool and cotton Flokati rugs could also be damaged by moths, of not cleaned and maintained the right way.

The Cleaning Process

Cleaning can be initiated with the help of professional brushing techniques that will be closely followed by vacuuming with industrial vacuum cleaners. Only the suction option will be used, to avoid the fibers from getting tangled and damaged. With the help of mild cleaning agents, our technicians will proceed to eliminate any other traces of dirt and dust. Limited amounts of water will be used in order to avoid further damage. Drying will be done with expert equipment in state-of-the-art dedicate drying rooms.

Another viable cleaning solution for Flokati rugs is the pressurized air flow technique. All visible traces of dirt and germs will be removed with the help of an effective shake. Then, our New York carpet cleaners will use high air pressure to eliminate any debris that might have escaped the previous procedure.

Flokati area rugs can also be machine washed, especially if they are small in size. Mild, eco-friendly carpet washing detergents with no bleaching agents and other harmful substances will be used in the washing process.

Give us a call and schedule an inspection appointment with us or give us a pickup time and date for your Flokati area rugs and let us restore their original glory, fluff and softness at some of the most competitive rates in the industry.



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