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Jute rugs are stylish area rugs made from soft and natural materials. They are highly durable and nicely complement any room design with minimum effort. Their simple maintenance requirements and their long lifespan make them excellent additions to any household. Our expert area rug cleaners specialize in cleaning, repairing, and restoring all types of jute rugs at affordable prices.

Jute Rug Cleaning Services

Since they are manufactured with the help of natural fibers from plants, jute rugs are highly flexible and durable and do not contain toxins and chemicals usually found in nylon or polyester rugs. Extra soft models are usually mixed with chenille, which is an all-natural cotton fiber that is used to create silky smooth rugs.

Jute Rug Models We Work With

  • Soumak rugs
  • Knotted jute rugs
  • Flat weave jute rugs
  • Jute ticking rugs
  • Wool/jute woven blend rugs

In spite of being so sturdy, these rugs do absorb large amounts of moisture. This turns them into a bad choice for some parts of the house, including laundry rooms or outdoor areas. Because of the moisture that can get easily trapped in these rugs, you could be dealing with shrinkage and mold and mildew problems which are likely to make jute rug cleaning even more difficult.

Our expert carpet cleaners specialize in cleaning all types and models of jute rugs, including jute rugs found in hallways and other rooms and areas with a lot of foot traffic.

Popular jute cleaning services:

  • Rug assessments
  • Expert vacuuming
  • Stain treatments
  • Deodorization
  • Dry cleaning with powders, spray, and fabric cleaners
  • Moisture extraction
  • Snagged edge fixing
  • Frayed tassel repairs

How Does the Jute Rug Cleaning Process Work?

Since jute rugs are woven, our cleaners usually rely on special brush attachments while vacuuming. This helps them efficiently pull up all the trapped dirt, debris, and all traces of residual dirt that is deeply embedded into the fibers.

To reach areas that are more difficult to clean, our expert cleaners will hang up the rugs and brush them using professional fabric brushes with stiff bristles. If spot cleaning is necessary to get rid of fresh or old stains, the procedure is done with powders and spray cleaners or fabric cleaners that do not contain potentially harmful chemicals.

Given these rugs’ sensitivity to absorbing moisture, it is imperative to pay special attention to the amount of water that is used during the cleaning. Our rug cleaners know how to use the perfect amount of water to clean jute rugs. We never use standard shampoo cleaning and washing or steam cleaning procedures for heavily soiled or stained jute area rugs. This is because these methods can easily drench the natural fibers in the rugs and wreak havoc on their structure, integrity, and color.

The NYC Steam Cleaning crew relies on advanced dry-cleaning solutions with 100% proven and guaranteed results. Our expert dry cleaning services are recommended for jute rugs in tropical areas and regions with high humidity. This is because these techniques will make sure the rugs will not stay damp for a long time after shampooing. Many of the dry cleaning chemicals we work with are also excellent at removing deep stains as well as ground-in dirt.

For safe, professional, state-of-the-art jute cleaning services in NY with guaranteed results, make sure to get in touch with us.

Jute Rug Repair & Restoration Services

Jute rugs that have been subject to various forms of abuse from pets, small children, heavy foot traffic, or incorrect vacuum cleaning techniques can be restored with the help of our expert jute rug repair and jute rug restoration services. With the help of special thread and sewing needles, our area rug repair pros can complete any repair and restoration job in just a few minutes.

Provided the rug has no visible opening, our technicians will proceed to trim all the wayward fibers away while making sure to thoroughly secure the rest of the fibers in place. In the case of an opening in a jute rug, our restoration work normally consists of gluing the runaway jute fibers together using binding tape or special glue, then gluing them into the respective opening, and finally pushing them back into the hole using special tools.

To fix snagged edges, our rug cleaners first trim the frayed area away until they obtain a clean border. Next, they tie the right size of binding tape to the border and sew it all together using a needle and thread.

When dealing with frayed tassels, we proceed to divide the tassel in two and glue each of the sections for the purpose of securing them. Next, the two sections are twisted and glued together to create the new tassel.

If you need expert jute rug cleaning services in NY or you are looking for a reliable and affordable jute rug repair and restoration expert, give us a call today! We are the number one jute rug cleaner in NYC!


Can jute rugs be vacuumed?

Yes. We recommend you vacuum jute rugs once or twice a week, depending on the foot traffic in your home. Vacuuming should be done from different directions, passing over a single area several times. Visible traces of loose dirt require a strong suction vacuum. It is advisable not to use beater bars when vacuuming.

Are jute rugs easy to clean?

Since they are made from jute plant fibers, jute rugs are very sturdy, appealing, and soft to walk on. They are also easy to clean since they do not usually hold stains and they only normally require regular vacuuming. Nonetheless, improper care and maintenance or stain removal practices can damage these rugs. Use our professional jute rug cleaners to extend your jute rug’s lifespan.

Does jute shrink when washed?

It is best to avoid getting water on jute rugs and only use very small amounts of water or exclusively dry cleaning solutions. Water on jute fibers will tend to leave water marks and stains behind while causing the rug to shrink or fall apart in some cases.

Can a jute rug be cleaned with a carpet cleaner?

We advise against the use of standard carpet cleaners normally used for area rugs and carpets in combination with water and carpet shampoos. Given the potentially damaging effects of water on these rugs, it is best to only use dry cleaning processes.

Can you put baking soda on jute rugs?

Yes. Baking soda works well on jute rugs since it effectively absorbs dust, dirt, and moisture known for causing mold, mildew, and bad odors.


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