How to Clean Hard To Reach Places?

Every home has hard to reach spots that end up becoming a nightmare when you actually have to clean them. A broom is not always the solution to all of your hard to reach cleaning problems. Cleanliness matters and if there are places in your home that you think are truly hard to reach by yourself; you can hire the assistance of professional cleaning services.

Our team at NYC Steam Cleaning consists of experienced cleaners who are highly trained and will ensure your home receives the cleanliness it deserves. Upon hiring our professional cleaners, you can rest assured that all hard to reach areas in your home are thoroughly cleaned.

Listed below are some ways of cleaning all of the hard to reach spaces in your home:


Cleaning ceilings is a task that in most cases requires a ladder. This is tricky because not everyone is able to maintain their balance with ease while they’re on a ladder. But that’s not all, cleaning a ceiling requires you to get on top of a ladder and clean while you’re on it.

The corners of ceilings are what pose the greatest difficulty when you begin cleaning the ceilings to make them spotless. Ceilings that are not as high can be vacuumed if your vacuum contains the appropriate attachments. But when ceilings are too high, it’s best just to use a broom to accomplish the task.

Climbing a ladder, especially when you are alone at home can be risky in the event of a slip or fall. Your safety should always come first and experienced cleaners are best suited to perform this task as they are trained to do so.

Ceiling Fans

When it comes to cleaning ceiling fans and their blades, the dust usually tends to fly around and dirty the rest of the room in the process. A smart way of cleaning them is to slip each blade inside a pillowcase so that the dust remains in them instead of falling over the contents present in the room.

Cabinet Tops

Cabinets are usually located at a great height and the tops of cabinets are prone to accumulating huge amounts of debris and dust. When grime gets collected on cabinet tops as a result of not being cleaned on a regular basis, they at times begin to shape into a sticky substance that cannot be cleared away easily.

You have the option of using a stool to gain some height and then wiping away the cabinet top with a cloth. But in cases of sticky substances, you can make use of a dish soap that contains grease battling ingredients to clear the grime away. If you find the task too gruesome to handle, you can hire professional cleaners who are better equipped at cleaning such places.

Air Ducts

Air ducts are generally neglected in terms of cleaning since they present you with a cleaning job that seems impossible to carry through. Air ducts collect layers of dust, debris, pollen and many other contaminants that pollute the air in your home. This not only poses as a hurdle because it negatively effects the quality of air you breathe in, but also leads to poor health and allergies.

What’s more is that air conditioning unit can malfunction or burn out if it is not cleaned properly and the people who can clean air ducts in a hassle free manner are our cleaning experts in NYC. They are trained to get rid of dust and contaminants from air ducts as if the job was no problem.

The Back of Your Toilet

Regularly cleaning the back of your toilet by mopping it with a bleach solution will save you the disagreeability of the task when left unattended for long periods of time. Another thing you can use to clean behind your toilet is a hard bristled brush, though you will need a damp sponge to wipe away any residue.

The back of a toilet is not something everyone can clean with ease and there is also a possibility of stains emerging in the area. This is why it is best to hire professionals to handle the task.

When it comes to cleaning the hard to reach spots in your home, it’s best to clean them properly so that you can keep dust, dirt, grime, and mold at bay. Professional cleaning services in NYC can be hired to take on the job of cleaning all those places in your home that are extremely difficult to reach. NYC Steam Cleaners houses the best trained professional cleaners who use safe cleaning tactics and are at your assistance as and when your home requires a cleanup.

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