Best Places To Visit In New York

No matter if you live in the Hampton, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx, Long Island, or Westchester and you are looking for some fun places to visit and cool things do in your area or other parts of New York, you’ve reached the right spot. As experienced New York cleaners with deep roots in the City of Lights, we have had the pleasure of providing our services to thousands of interesting locations around the city. Today we are going to share what we think would be some of the best places to visit in New York on your day off. While we are busy showing you why we are the number one NYC Steam Cleaning service in NY, you can relax and spend a pleasant day in the city.

Visit The Dream House

New york museumIf you haven’t been here before, you should consider adding this spot to your itinerary for a number of reasons. For starters, you will need to walk down Church Street in Tribeca and look out for an interesting black door displaying a rather cryptic sign painted in white and reading THE DREAM HOUSE. While you might expect to see a regular “dream house” featuring a huge garage, in reality, the Dream House is there to provide you with a completely different experience.

Get ready to be drawn in, listen to the captivating sounds that are fluctuating nonstop here, and watch the mesmerizing neon pink lights of this house that has been created over the course of four decades by two modern artists. The captivating lights and sound waves here are to be regarded as a fresh form of media which requires a different type of attention from visitors. For example, you will need to stand completely still so you can catch all the pitches and experience the different resonating sound fields every time you move around the house.

It’s definitely a dreamy world that can be explored from Wednesday through Saturday starting at 2 in the afternoon and all the way into midnight. For a small admission fee, you will be allowed to walk in – just keep in mind the Dream House has changed its original location from the ground floor and it is now located on the third floor, above a new restaurant. You will be asked to take off your shoes and any jackets and bags you might be carrying, as total silence is a must here so that every visitor can fully embrace the experience just the way it has been envisioned by the creators.

Visit The City Hall Station

If you are curious to see the first subway ever to be built in NYC, check out the City Hall Station. The subway on display here was built and managed by Interborough Rapid Transit Company and it has officially opened its doors to the public in 1904. The amazing design details that the architects have used here, the glass tiles or the huge chandeliers are all remarkable to see. The City Hall station was the only station that didn’t use any turnstiles until 1923. Since the platform was built as a curved one, those cars that had center doors were not used at this particular station, expect for when they had altered door controls that enabled the end doors to open. The City Hall Station closed its doors in 1945, when the platforms placed along the line were forced to expand their length in order to serve to the needs of trains that were now longer.Bronx zoo

If you are interested in a tour of this abandoned station, you can book one with the New York City Transit Museum. The tour tickets cost $50, but you will also need to be a regular member of the museum in exchange for a $60 fee.

Visit The Museum

The Museum (pronounced as the standard “museum” word) is a curated artefact display hosted in a peculiar location. Namely, the museum is located in a freight elevator. It is a very small space with rotating collections as well as a few permanent selections of artefacts and collections and it basically focuses on those items that have been ignored or overlooked by the public and other museums. Basically, things you would never expect to see on display in a regular museum around the city.

Ranging from items found in the Pacific to weapons of defense built at home, the shoe that has been thrown at George Bush in Baghdad or interesting paper works found in copying machines, this museum hosts a unique display of pieces that lots of visitors are going to find interesting and worth the stop. The museum is the work of a few talented filmmakers and the selection of items on display here is being renewed on a yearly basis. There is even a gift shop here and an audio guide available for free. Only three visitors can be fitted in the museum at a time and the opening times are Saturdays and Sundays during the spring, summer, and in the fall. The Mmuseumm is also visible on a 24-hour basis through its viewing windows.

Check Out The Bronx Zoo

If you haven’t visited the zoo since you were little, it is high time you did, especially if you now have children on your own and you would like for them to see the 700 animal species at the Bronx Zoo. The zoo measures 265 acres and it perfectly mimics the animals’ natural habitats, turning it into a great escape from the Manhattan buzz for a day. Ranging from the sea lions, flamingos, the giraffe building, or the Congo gorilla forest, there are tons of cool animals to see hire.

No matter which of these cool places to visit in New York you might choose, remember to hire the best New York cleaners to take the stress away and assist you with your wall-to-wall cleaning needs at affordable prices.

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Best Places To Visit In New York




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